Some recent comments from clients that have used our currency services 


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"Superb and fast service. Having been a customer for over seven years, I have never received but excellent and fast service. All my questions - at times I am sure silly - were answered quickly and completely and the transfers have always been on time. Replies to my emails always come within minutes! What more do you want?"
Requested to remain anonymous, France, February 2017 

"Alastair is a knowledgeable and courteous currency professional. He offers great advice on the markets and all the products that would be beneficial to my company. Pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend him over your own High Street Banks currency department."
Mr Munir, Buckinghamshire, February 2017 

"Having used the service for a number of years now mainly for transfer of money to France, I can say with confidence that the service has always been excellent. Strongly recommended."
Mr Llewelyn, Petersfield, February 2017 

"Fast service, friendly staff and easy to understand paperwork - what more could you ask for? It's a pleasure to deal with Alastair, I have always had prompt service and the paperwork is really easy to understand. It can be a worry transferring huge amounts of money! The transfers are always very quick. Great Service."
 Requested to remain anonymous, Somerset, March 2017 

"I never fail to receive first class personal service in respect of purchasing currency to send abroad. Very happy with the service."
Requested to remain anonymous, March 2017 

"I have been using them for 2 or 3 years now. I speak to the same person every time, someone who understands my needs, I get sound advice, I am never rushed or pressurised and the service is almost instant. I am especially happy to speak to someone. I have recommended to friends and colleagues and I will continue to do so."
Mr Garland, Hertfordshire, March 2017 

"Convenient and Trustworthy. I have had an account since 2013 and have used them on several currency exchanges involved in buying, selling and renovating overseas properties. My contact is Alastair and I have nothing but praise for the calm reassuring way he, and his colleagues arrange transactions. It’s important to have full confidence and trust in an FX company when relatively large sums of money are involved and with their stability, provide me with that necessary reassurance."
Mr Wilson, France, April 2017 

"Have been dealing since May 2016. The service we have had has been excellent - our requests have always been dealt with immediately. We have our own contact which makes things easy. All transactions have gone smoothly. Many thanks."
Stefano, Spain, April 2017 

"Alastair dealt with this for us in a very professional stress-free way. Communication was first class and the whole process was very simple. We intend to make periodic transfers and will use them to do this in future. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a professional and very competitive stress free service. Many thanks."
William Paterson, Ipswich, April 2017 

"Extra special service - well done! We received an excellent, fast and efficient service and will be promoting them to all of our customers. Thanks to all concerned."
Requested to remain anonymous, Murcia, May 2017 

"Excellent service every time. I have been a customer for over 7 years, and although there have been opportunities presented whereby I could have changed companies, I have always decided not to as the service is so good. My requests are always processed quickly and efficiently, and I am very happy with the service I continue to receive. I have also recommended to friends of mine."
Requested to remain anonymous, France, January 2017 

"Conversion of euros to sterling and an impressively efficient service conducted with courtesy and speed."
Christopher Road, London, January 2017 

"Good fast efficient service - very good communication with quick honest and straight forward answers. Speedy transfers and payments - have been using for many years so must be good. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone."
Requested to remain anonymous, Wales, January 2017 

"First class service!"
Mr O’Malley, UK, 2017 

"Transfer of currency from the EU to UK. Very pleased with the service I received. The transaction went through very quickly and without a hitch. Very pleasant and helpful people to do business with. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again."
Joseph Soden, UK, December 2016 

"Have always been efficient, helpful and are accurate with their forecast on the currency trading market - I wouldn't go anywhere else."
Jane Mitchell, Portugal, December 2016 

"Very pleased. I have been using for my currency transfers for about 4 years and they are very easy to do business with. They offer better Euro rates than my bank and low transfer costs. I have no intention of looking elsewhere. Thank you, it’s reassuring that you can rely on these professionals to deliver a consistent level of great service."
Mr Ward, St. Albans, December 2016 

"Very satisfied customer. I have been using for the past three years transferring large and small amounts of money to Spain having bought and renovated a property there. I continue to be impressed by the smoothly efficient manner in which each of my transactions, both large and small have been dealt with. The company have been very easy to contact, unfailingly polite, professional and reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service."
Paul Davidson, Liverpool, December 2016  

"Attentive service and quick response! I have been using the service for a couple of years now to purchase euros and get them sent to France. The telephone is answered quickly and the deal completed promptly. Funds always arrive by the stated date. Very happy with the service and particularly Alastair."
John McManus, Salisbury, December 2016 

"Fast efficient service.  I have been using the service since we bought our house in France in 2012. Service from Alastair has always been prompt, efficient and most important of all, the rates are competitive. My first choice for currency exchange."
Rhon Willingham, France, December 2016 

"Continuing purchase of Euros have been efficient and a pleasure to deal with since purchasing a home in the Costa del Sol in 2012. From buying a large amount of Euros to fund the purchase and ongoing transactions on an ad hoc basis Alastair and all the staff have been a real breath of fresh air making everything so simple. Communication, service and delivery have all been fantastic. Would thoroughly recommend if you need a currency broker."
Chris Satchell, Herts, December 2016 

"Speedy, efficient service! We used Alastair to purchase a Spanish property & have used him several times since to top up our Spanish bank account. Alastair had always provided a speedy, professional service & would recommend to anyone who requires foreign currency transfers."
Kevin Meade, London, December 2016 

"Excellent service Deal with Alistair, initially to purchase a house abroad and now regular to transfer funds for works and bills. Always efficient and prompt. On my initial research they came out on top and my dad had used previously and recommended alistair."
Sally Hewick, UK, December 2016 

"Money Transfer Excellent service, peace of mind knowing that my money was transferred safely, and St the best rate available at the time, will definitely use again and recommend to friends and family"
Phil Spunner, Kent, December 2016  

"Used the service during the past couple of years I want to compliment Alastair for the advice and response to our requests. I particularly appreciate the fact that as I am a non user of online banking he has responded to my correspondence personally and patiently."
Requested to remain anonymous, December 2016

"Very professional service. My fairly regular requirements for euros to fund a French building project have always been dealt with promptly & effectively. Thanks to Alastair & his team for a fast, stream-lined and very professional service. I continue to recommend the service to others."
John Bateman, December 2016 

"Fantastic service! Can highly recommend - Alastair and his team are excellent! Have been with them for years and am totally happy with the service. Many thanks!"
Tina Daler, France, December 2016 

"Alastair, Richard and all the team have done a sterling job for our clients buying and selling properties in SW France, and needing their professional services for the currency. You have always been quick and efficient. Well done."
Carl Scholfield, France, December 2016  

"After three years of using the service have always found them to be fast, efficient and reliable. Would recommend their services to anyone."
John Adams, Lanzarote, December 2016 

"Efficient and quick service! I have been a customer for about 7 years. I have always dealt with Alastair, who has dealt with my instructions promptly, efficiently and courteously. I have never had cause for complaint and I would not consider using any other company."
Paul Brennan, UK, December 2016 

"Good fast efficient service. Needed to move money abroad to buy new car. Following registration the process became very easy, with everything arranged in one phone call followed by bank transfer. Funds always arrive next working day. Will probably continue to use in future for regular conversion of my UK pension as rates are certainly better than my bank can give me."
Martin Godfrey, Croatia, December 2016 

"Great Service. Always a quick response. Alastair deals with different currencies for me. Any problems always sorted quickly. Always gives good advice when needed. Thanks for making things run smoothly for me."
Gillian Elliot, UK, December 2016 

"Straightforward, Simple service, no complications, no hassle, good rates, genuine and honest. Alastair has been a great help over the last couple of years and the team are really easy to talk to." 
Phil Page, France, December 2016

"We have always had a First Class from Alastair , and on the odd occasion he has been unavailable, I have found his work colleagues to be equally good. I am always happy to recommend to other people. Keep up the good work. 
Paul Middleton, Greece, November 2016

"Very professional Just recently completed buying a Finca here. Alastair was our contact and we found him to be very helpful, always contactable and we had trust in him that he was doing his best for us and was always understanding of the stressful situation of transferring large sums of money. He was particularly helpful in the wake of Brexit. I would recommend the company to anyone. Thanks Alastair."
Catherine Yule, Spain, October 2016

"Thank you Alastair, this last couple of weeks have been incredibly stressful.. being in one country but buying a house in another one.. obtaining money from elsewhere again to do the deal. Alastair helped to keep our stress levels to the minimum. Very efficient and helpful"
Katrhyn Bihuniak, United Arab Emirates, October 2016

"Efficient, professional, good customer service Little more to add. Very easy to deal with these guys, good rate, speedy transfer and nice personalised follow up. Great job!"
Gareth Matthews, Ireland, October 2016

Great service! Been using for over 10 years now and others have asked me to move for a gimmick or cheap introductory sale. I would never do this as I have friends who have been so disappointed using these 'cheaper alternatives' they never last or the service is poor. Alastair looks after my euros and they are in the bank abroad in no time. The service is always consistent and I am always happy with the outcome."  
Christine Radford, Manchester, September 2016

"Thoroughly recommended. I have been dealing with Alastair for some years and have always found dealing with him and his company very straightforward. It started when I was planning to move to the States, and having bought some smallish amounts through my UK bank, and paying large commissions, I decided to find another source of US dollars. As I was trying to buy a property and the rate kept moving, Alastair suggested I buy a contract at today's price, but pay for it when I needed the money a year or two hence. This advice has paid dividends especially as the pound has been sliding for the past couple of years; and it has brought certainty to what otherwise could have been a nightmare. I saved around £20,000 by using the service and advice"
Requested to remain anonymous, September 2016

"I read about this service in the Place In The Sun magazine and was fascinated to see how much money could be saved by changing my money with them compared to with a bank. As I was moving from the UK to Spain, I was changing a fair amount of money which I would be using to buy a house. Alastair discussed with me how to secure a good rate for my funds, as I wouldn't need the money for some time, but wanted to make sure I locked in a good exchange rate. Thankfully I secured a good rate last October 2015, which in effect saved me/made me £20,000 compared to if I changed the money now, a year later. This also meant I knew exactly how much money I had to spend on a property. If I hadn't secured that rate I wouldn't have been able to afford to buy my dream house which I move into in a few weeks. The service is always friendly yet professional and very efficient. Very glad I use them!"
Joanna Payge, September 2016

"EXCELLENT SERVICE I was recommended by my daughter and have been much impressed by their excellent and supremely professional service. Special thanks to my Account Manager, Alastair" 
Pamela Glynn, September 2016

"Great Customer Service I have used them 3 times now, over the last 5 years, to transfer money from the US to the UK. Alastair, my advisor, is very helpful, professional and responsive. I will continue to use them for future transactions."
Lisa Chapman, Surrey, September 2016
"Exchange with the best! Nice to be put through to Alastair again who is happy to give me a decent exchange rate and also have a bit of a chat! Unusual in today's world!"
Edward Fletcher, September 2016 

"I use for all my Euro transfers, Alastair (and the team) are always so quick to respond and the transfers are done very quickly and efficiently. Alastair explains very clearly how it all works and the exchange rates are always very competitive. I will continue to use these guys, thank you Alastair :)"
Brigette Burke, September 2016

"Thank you to Alastair for helping with my currency needs this week. Everything was explained clearly and he was most helpful when it took a little longer than anticipated to put the funds in place. The exchange rate was very competitive and I will definitely use this service again"
Jane Barber, August 2016

"I continue to appreciate the wonderful customer service, which is always both efficient yet personal. Nothing ever seems too big or too small. I do not understand the world of finance, nor how money moves, seemingly effortlessly, across the continent. I am consistently grateful to Alastair for his help in these matters. From clear, non-patronising, advice, to cheery emails, I feel safe and secure whenever I need to buy euros. Thank you very, very much."
Requested to remain anonymous, August 2016

"Unfortunately, Brexit has not entirely left us with coffers overflowing, as we live in France, but am pleased to say that our monthly transfers still remain one of the best around to date. Well done keep up the good work, we are depending on you!"
Thomas, July 2016

"Alastair has just completed a second transaction for me - moving euros to pounds. The French bank were incredibly inefficient and all this was in the busy Brexit period, which just happened to make my incoming transfer rate of exchange really better than expected. As the days went by with no news from Societe Generale about my transfer, Alastair realised that the funds would be arriving much later than hoped and he fixed a very good spot price for me. Funds eventually did arrive and the transaction is now completed. My thanks to Alastair for his help, patience and excellent advice. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the expertise of Alastair." 
Francesa De Bryas July 2016

"For over 3 years I have always been impressed with your excellent customer service. Alistair has always given great guidance, been quick, efficient and polite. A pleasure to deal with."
Alison Thompson June 2016

"This was the first time I have been involved in converting and transferring currency. Alastair was recommended to me by a friend and this turned out to be a great decision to take their advice. In my initial phone call to Alastair he explained the process and guided me through this from the registration to the final transfer of funds. He delivered an excellent service and saved us money!!! Thank you. I would thoroughly recommend."
Paul Dirkin June 2016

"I have been a customer for several years and executed a number of trades. Their exchange rate is infinitely better than the High Street. The service has always been prompt and efficient. I would certainly recommend this company."
Paul Brennan May 2016

"A first class service. Will definitely use this service again. The financial consultants were very professional and forthcoming with their expertise. Thank you."
Christopher Heaphy April 2016

"I used the services over about 12 months when buying a villa in Spain - the service (Alistair) was first class. Great advice and very quick service on every occasion. I also know pay funds across into Spain each month and again the service is first class. I highly recommend - great rates, low fees and very professional."
Derek Bonnard Feb 2016

"Excellent Service! I have done business with Alastair for several years and I have always been treated in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he really does try to understand your requirements and meet your needs. Fast service and super rates of exchange. Excellent company to do business with. Thank you Alastair."
Robert Simpson October 2015

"Most helpful and fast service. I have been using Alastair for nearly Five years to transfer funds from UK pounds to Euros and have always found him both efficient and very helpful even when I get the paperwork wrong! Their website is informative and any questions I have had have always been responded to without having to wait around for answers. I do not look elsewhere for my currency needs as the service I receive is always top class."
Andy Bass Sept 2015